Donate & How We Can Help You

No one wants to hear they have or may have cancer. We can’t tell you that from here on out it is going to be an easy road. Even though there is no magic pill to take to make everything go away, The Blue Ball Foundation is here to support and make things easier for people while undergoing cancer treatment.

Here are some of the ways we can help you and ways you can help support someone.


Dontate $25 – $100 –  Help someone with out of Pocket Expenses

  • Sponsor a tank of fuel to help a recipient get to and from appointments.
  • Sponsor a visit to the GP


Donate $30 – App Store / Google Play / Pre-Paid phone Voucher

  • Help take the stress off treatment and recovery by gifting a voucher.


$200 – Pay for an Outing

  • Sponsor a day out with a meal and transportation to somewhere special
  • Provide a nice dinner outing for the recipient and their family.


$500 – Pay for Travel

  • Help bring a friend or family member from interstate


$1000 – Appliance

  • Help fund an appliance such as a washing machine or fridge for a recipient whose appliance is on the brink


Any Amount – Resources

  • We are on a mission to develop resources and information that may save someone’s life. Our dream is to have our brochures available in EVERY Aussie GP and  Hospital, without cost. People request them for fundraisers and Men’s Health expo’s. We have received overwhelming demand for our resources but unfortunately we have limited funds. Your donation will help cover costs associated with producing videos and printing and postage costs of the brochures.
  • We are open to hearing suggestions of how we can support you or your friends. Click here to share your idea with us.