Testicular cancer isn’t new, neither is creating awareness about it and yet people still avoid talking about the disease.

The Blue Ball Foundation exists to raise awareness, provide education and support to young adult men, in an effort to raise awareness about depression and testicular cancer, the most common form of cancer in young men aged 20-39.

The Blue Ball Foundation was started by two Testicular Cancer survivors Mike Elliott and Jamie Morgan. They hope their story inspires guys to take action on their health.

The Info

What is Testicular Cancer? What are the signs to look for? We answer questions you're afraid to ask your parents

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Our Story

‘Wait, so it’s the right one?’ "I never imagined that cracking a joke would be the key to helping Mike get a diagnosis"

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Making a Noise

Comedy is at the heart of what we do so embarrassment does not prevent men from checking ‘their boys’.

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Here To Help

The Blue Ball Foundation is here to support and make things easier for you while undergoing cancer treatment.

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